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One Step at a Time

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

Let's Talk!

Our services are tailored to assisting you wherever you're at with your idea. We want to be as transparent as possible with our timeline and prices. At this phase, we will build a roadmap for getting your product to where it needs to be.

Phase 2: Engineering and Digital Modeling

To the drawing board!

After learning a bit more about your product. We will put it to paper and respect your desired functionality and design. This process is iterative, and it will allow for cost-effective honing on both design and function testing. We use Fusion 360 for modeling and drawing generation. 

Blueprint Design


Phase 3: Minimum Viable Product Creation

Fabrication TIme!

This phase will bring your model to life! We provide a range of fabrication capacity including: FDM and SLA 3D printing, laser cutting, milling, etc. Once you are satisfied with your design, we will tailor your 3D models to be translatable to large-scale manufacturing operations such as injection molding.

Phase 4: Low Volume Manufacturing

Need x<100 units for market testing?

We'll take your finalized model and fabricate x<100 units. We are happy to provide temporary warehousing and fulfillment to allow you to rest easy knowing that your product is in good hands.

3D Printer Vases
Manufacturing Assembly


Phase 5: Medium Volume Manufacturing

Need x<1,000 units? Hold off on injection molding!

Before you invest $10,000+ toward injection molding tooling, let us help you to organically grow your client base by producing low-volume injection molding die plates that are a fraction of the cost of traditional P-20 steel plates.

Phase 6: Large Volume Manufacturing

Ready to pull the trigger on injection molding?

Please let us tailor a plan for you that fits within your budget and lead time needs. We have extensive manufacturing support in both the US and China. We pride ourselves on tailoring plans that work for machine shops that are based in the US.

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